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International Exhibition of Technologies and Services for Events, Installation and Production

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International Exhibition of Technologies and Services for Events, Installation and Production


International Exhibition of Technologies and Services for Events, Installation and Production

Autumn, 2021 Shanghai, China Contact Us

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It’s our first time at the IMSTA Audio Software Zone and we’re taking this opportunity to promote licensed software. China is an emerging market and there’s still a lot of work to do when it comes to copyright awareness. We hope that by being here, we can make people understand the value behind purchasing licensed software and why it’s so important. We’ve met professionals, students and music lovers at the booth, and each and every one of them showed interest in what we have to offer. We also benefit from the many potential customers from China that come and talk to us. We will return next year, for sure!

We value this platform and also chose to hold a press conference with the international renowned software brand Waves to announce our cooperation. In the future, the application range of audio and video will become wider and wider, and customers will tend to choose products and systems with a higher cost performance. Therefore, software will impact the hardware market. On the other hand, there will be more excellent software carriers. It will be a major trend in the future development of the industry. The show can help us to strengthen our corporate image and build a new network of new and old customers.

We’re an emerging holographic and equipment company, and produce related products for scene application. We came here to attract customers and let more relevant groups know about this industry and our brand. I think this show is the most important lighting and audio exhibition in Eastern China, with a leading industry position in terms of professionalism and internationalism. We reach the right people here and you can see that our booth is constantly welcoming visitors. The prospects we talk to are mainly from the United States, Singapore and other countries, as well as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions. PLSS is definitely on top of the industry trends.

We are a manufacturer’s representative based in the Pacific Northwest. I am interested in importing products, particularly speakers and lasers. This is my second time at the fair and you can see that the product categories have expanded, and the quality of the exhibitors has gone up. Being here gives me the opportunity to find out what is new in the market, and the show is a great platform to connect to other industry professionals. I found a few good suppliers already and they are all local brands. More and more products are made in China nowadays, although they belong to overseas brands. That is also why I come here: to explore the origin of those products.

We specialise in outdoor events, including concerts and music festivals. The equipment and concepts in our industry are constantly changing, so I have to come here every year to get an update. Of course, Prolight + Sound Shanghai is well-known in the industry and the scale is also one of the things that attracts me. The China Culture and Tourism Innovation Development Summit gave me a lot of inspiration. The speaker impressed me a lot and his creative explanation of the concept of culture has brought new ideas to our equipment manufacturers and will help me stay creative.

The China Culture and Tourism Innovation Development Summit focused on the core content of cultural tourism, which is content creation. But we also discussed the relevant policies in China. The cultural tourism and entertainment industries are interrelated, and entertainment can use art to increase its value. In my opinion, the future entertainment industry will have a lot of room for development, and it will certainly drive the common development of the literary and creative work. We witnessed the continuous upgrade of stage machinery technology and hardware equipment, which is more conducive to the promotion of cultural tourism.

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