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Professional audio equipment & technology


Booth No: N2D06

Product: Beta Three RS6015i Live Performance System

• 2 seperate guitar effect offer more entertainment opportunities
• Up to 100 presets which make the application very easy and friendly
• Wifi remote control
• Integrated incredible powerful 8 channel mixer


Booth No: N1A32

Product: 9S

• Made with studio-quality components and construction
• Double front baffle and brand-new 9.5-in long-throw driver and the ideal subwoofer


Product: LYD 48

• 3-way LYD monitor
• Newest addition to the LYD personal reference monitor series


Product: M3VE

• With Dynaudio ESOTAR² driver technology and the integrated Lake active cross-over
• Underpinned by a 22Hz - 21kHz frequency response and beyond 133dB SPL


Booth No: N2C06

Product: SFPX2000 Trolley Speaker

• 1x 1"tweeter + 1x 12 woofer with Max 80W output power
• Control panel with LED display on top panel
• Strong ABS cabinet with telescopic handle wheels
• Built-in USB+SD MP3 player supporting MP3 and WMA file
• Wireless Bluetooth connection for smartphone and tablet
• 2-band Equalizer (TREBLE/BASS)
• ECHO effect for microphone
• 2x 1/4"Microphone inputs with volume control
• 1x 1/4" Guitar input with dedicated volume control
• 1x 3. 5mm AUX input for extemal audio source
• Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion battery for up to 4-6 hours use
• Dimensions(mm): 350 x 296 x 555
• Light weight: 8.8kg net
• Color: black


Booth No: N2E52

Product: EF-804 Pre Amplifier

• Front Controls: Mic/Line Input Level (CH1-4) with 3-band EQ and selector switches; 4 line input level (CH5-8) with selector switches; 4 output level with 2 tone control and mute switch; monitor level with selector switches and FL/AFL selector switch
• Rear Controls: 8 Gain control for each input; talkover switch for CH1, phantom power switches for CH1-4


Booth No: N2A06

Product: ML Series

• Adopts the high-performance innovative light-weighted aluminum enclosure with exquisite size and outstanding performance
• The compact enclosure provides high sound pressure level, high fidelity reinforcement function and options for vertical alignment
• The easy installation design provides best solution for fixed installation and touring shows


Product: VK10+VK10SA

• Designs with built-in Powersoft amplifier modular (with DSP) that features 4×1000W/8Ω output channel and power factor correction technology to ensure the optimal function
• Applies the intelligent track management technology for reducing no-load consumption and background noise


Product: Ikarray-12+Paveosub-218SP

• With light weight and compact design by applying 12" drivers
• Its V-TYPE phase plug produces uniform sound suitable for different performance
• With constant directivity and linear frequency design to prevent interference
• Available for an active option in the upgrade version which builds 2-channel 3.2kW amplifier modular


Booth No: N1B40, N1B52

Product: Shape 40

• The most compact studio monitor in the Focal Professional line and the perfect solution for nearfield monitoring
• Can be used from 23" away (60cm), and has extended low end frequency response


Product: Shape 65

• The reference of the Shape line
• Dedicated to nearfield monitoring, but also enables extraordinary monitoring quality, in the lowest to the highest frequencies
• Express its full potential from a listening distance of 3 feet away


Product: Shape Twin

• The standard bearer of the Shape series and stands out through its excellent rendering of the whole audio spectrum
• Broad frequency response in the low end to its high SPL considering its size
• Its compact design to integrate, even into the most cramped of rooms
• Its 2.5-way design caters for controlling the bass and lower mid-range registers
• Expresses its full potential from a listening distance of 3 feet away


Booth No: N3G01

Product: 1U Class D Amplifier - 1700W

• Active power factor correction, can run full voltage power (90-264V)
• Power from 350W to 1700W
• 2 channels and 4 channels
• 8Ωstereo power:2x1700W
• 4Ωstereo power:2x2800W


Product: 1U Class D Amplifier - 1400W

• Active power factor correction, can run full voltage power (90-264V)
• Power from 350W to 1700W
• 2 channels and 4 channels
• 8Ωstereo power: 4x1400W
• 4Ωstereo power: 4x2300W


Booth No: N2F32

Product: LA0412A

• Fit for small and medium-sized meetings and performance venues
• Features bi-amplifier, class D power amplifier, stable performance, adequate margin
• The horn adopts the KAIFAT independent design waveguide transmission technology, which makes the sound performance more outstanding, wide horizontal coverage angle with least interference in the vertical direction
• Easy-operating hanging system adjustable by 0-10 degree adjustable


Booth No: N3F12


• With large LCD display
• Power: 2000 Watts



• Woofer: 18” 100 oz 100mm VC
• Tweeter: 72mm VC driver
• RMS: 500Watts
• Functions: USB / SD / FM / BT / REC / Voice prompt / Microphone priority / 2xWireless Mic
• Impedance: 8Ω
• Power Supply: 110/220V AC


Booth No: N1D34

Product: M-A8

• A high-power and performance-oriented active column system
• Featured by multi-channel digital amplifier, built-in DSP, switching-mode power supply with 120 horizontal dispersion
• Can effectively reduce feedback


Product: M-F3A PRO

• A small size, high SPL active array system without horn
• 7 pieces of direct radiating tweeters to follow the concept of smooth, low distortion and high fidelity sound with controlled directivity


Product: L-Line

• Developed with the core idea of SE Audiotechnik: German engineered ultra-compact, high-efficiency products, including L 35 line array module, L 35FS flyable bass extension and dedicated system amplifier LA 1204


Booth No: N1A07

Product: Hi-Res Headphone

• Features a frequency response from 10 Hz to 45K Hz