10 – 13 October 2019 Shanghai, China More Info

VPLT Event Management Training Course Speaker

Dietmar Rottinghaus


Dietmar Rottinghaus is one of the owners of Connex GmbH, which was founded in Northern Germany in 1990. Connex is a manufacturer of entertainment technology, power supplies, network engineering and fiber optics. Before this he was co-owner of a rental company and also working in the field of electronic engineering. Beside his job as CTO for Connex he is working as an international expert and for German DIN. Mr. Rottinghaus is chairman of the DIN NVBF7 and member of the DIN advisory board. He also works as lecturer for the VPLT learning centre.

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Randell Greenlee


Randell Greenlee, Director of Commerce and International Affairs at the VPLT, and Dietmar Rottinghaus, Managing Director at Connex and Chairman of the DIN Standards Committee Media and Sound Technology, explain the basic principals of the German SQP4 Standard and will demonstrate "hands on" how mobile electrical power supplies can attain the proper equipotential bonding for safe use.

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Tim Roberts


Tim Roberts has over 30 years’ experience in the event industry, having consulted on a huge range of shows, including festivals, sporting events, national celebrations and concerts across the globe. Since 2000 he has been a partner and Senior Adviser at The Event Safety Shop in Bristol, UK, and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (CMIOSH). He has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis. This combination of qualification and practical experience gives excellent insight into the safety challenges of major event production and an ability to find practical solutions. He has been actively involved in developing international standards for the entertainment sector, including work with UK regulators and the USA’s Event Safety Alliance.

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Jimmy Chan


Jimmy Chan is the head of business development for Event Safety Alliance in Asia.  He worked with the safety team on the historic five city Linkin Park tour in China. To enhance the mission of ESA to make all events safe, he is currently developing 'life safety first' safety programs with Albright Law Firm in Shanghai to be rolled out in various media, film & entertainment schools. 

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Lukas Lehner


Lukas Lehner has a background in atmospheric sciences and collaborated in a few scientific projects. Since many years he works as meteorologist for the international weather service MeteoGroup Switzerland AG. Weather is his passion in leisure and at work where he applies his knowledge in customer-specific weather forecasts and severe weather warnings. He additonally processes meteorological data to improve short- and long-term forecasts that supports meteorologists as well investigating the potential severity of future weather events. 

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